Galactic7 software is proud to offer a number of free jigsaw puzzle
packages, all downloadable right now, and all 100% free of charge. Each
package has between 19 - 30 colorful puzzles for you to enjoy and play over
and over again.

       Puzzle "MENU"; The Menu contains a number of action items such as;
Auto Solve, Change Difficulty, Disable Timer, Display High Score,
Pause/Resume Game, Preview Window, Show Edge Pieces Only, Solve One
Piece, New Game, Save Game, Open Saved Game and Exit Game.
        We will be making many more colorful and interesting Free Jigsaw
Puzzle Packages available from time to time. So please feel free to re-visit
ower website at any time and download more puzzles to enjoy.
        If you do enjoy ower puzzles, please feel free to tell your friends so they
may also enjoy them.
                                              HAVE FUN !!!!
100% FREE